Belt Iago Patchwork

Iago Patchwork Leather Belt By LA Saddlery

From the exclusive collection we designed with Iago italia, this stunning patchwork printed leather belt will be a centerpiece to your riding look.  it's pliable texture contours  beautifully around the waist. The chrome molded spur inspired buckle fits firmly in place, laying fairly flat agains the body.  The belt is 1 1/2 inches wide, which fits almost any breech style.  Chic, classic, LA Style!  

Patchwork colors: Black, Grey, Blue

How to size: Take your pant size, for example 24, and add go two sizes up, to size 28. That is your belt size! 

Also these buckles are removable, so they can be unscrewed so you can shorten the length of belt very easily with a screw driver, heavy scissors and leather hole punch! If you would like a custom size belt, just email us at and we can make that for you too! No extra charge. 

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