LA Saddlery Holiday Gift Guide

by Renee Spurge November 17, 2020

The holidays are just around the corner, and my friends, family and boyfriend are dreading every minute they have to think about what to get me. Apparently I am the hardest person to shop for, because I never like anything they buy me. Which I will admit is 99% true. But I find it laughable because I have liked the same things since I was a teenager! It's also ironic, because I have the long standing reputation of being the best gift giver.  

So why is it that I am the best gift giver but the hardest to shop for? Well first of all,  knowing what people like, or look good in, is my career.  I pay attention to the details of their lives, their personalities, and I have a great eye for cool finds.  I also have very expensive taste.  Which brings us probably to why I am difficult to shop for. I don't like generic, mass produced, or anything that doesn't feel, fit, or look expensive. It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.  That's the part you need to be good at, knowing the value and quality of brands.  And some people either don't have the time, patience or desire to learn that skill!  I am not saying my friends and family are lazy...ok well maybe a little bit lol. 

So if you sound like the lazy loved ones in my life, then luckily you have me to guide you through some fantastic gift items for the hard to please people in your life!  Picky trainer, teenage amateur jumper, spoiled hunter granddaughter who has everything, wife who loves her horse more than you...all of you have at least one of these in your life right?  Also what about your barn mates? You love exchanging gifts but there are so many barn mates, and not enough cash flow!

Well here are a few of my favorite things available on our website that will point you in the right direction, without breaking the bank in the process! Links below for easy access, no hassle shopping. 

1. The Picky Trainer:  

In2green Blanket, poncho, or scarf

Style Stock Belt bag

Bad Horse Tee

2. Teenage amateur jumper

Bad Horse Jump Fleece

Ateliercg Caspian Necklace

Equiline Fancy Socks

3. Spoiled Hunter Granddaughter

Style Stock 3 pack of stock ties

Bad Horse Gucci Jump LS tee

Equestrian Double Luck Necklace

4. Wife who loves her horse more than you

Anything Asmar

Bad Horse Cozy Sweatpants

Equestrian Lexington Tote

5. Your favorite Barn Mates  

Buck This Face Mask

Dreamers and Schemers giddtythefup socks

Totally Bucked baseball hat

Also stay tuned for my next blog that I will guide you through the best Black Friday deals we have ever offered!

Feel free to also email me at if you need more suggestions on those hard to shop for people. There's a good chance I know them, and can help you pick the best gift that will make them feel super guilty about the crap one they are giving you!  

Happy Holiday Shopping! 



Renee Spurge
Renee Spurge


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