Looking back on 2018, LA Saddlery celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary by bringing the best of the best to our amazing customers all over California.  I also took the plunge and tried to spread the love to NY and Tryon. The very hard lesson learned, was that on all accounts California is just freaking better!  So this year we will be sticking to our West Coat peeps like Thermal dust. 

    Speaking of Thermal, what’s in store for LA Saddlery you ask as we start another year in the majestic Coachella Valley?  The use of the word majestic is representative of my 2019 New Year’s resolution to perceive everything in a positive light!  Another resolution for LA Saddlery is to stick with what we know and what we love.  Last year we finally let the last of the bad apples go from our store (everyone fondly remembers the whole TS debacle).

    So for 2019 we have decided to move forward with the tried and true brands we have cultivated over several years.  In fact we will be going deeper into these brands offering as much variety and stock that will fit into our boutique sized trailer.   Much to see from Equiline, Winston, Iago, Samshield, Asmar, Goode Rider, Ateleircq, In2Green, Adi Kisselvich, and now also Fabbri boots. (fabulous photos to follow..)

    We will also of course be throwing in some new boutique brands in the mix, from fun fashion to chic belts, we will always have something new for you to shop.  I cannot wait for you all to see my new eqgirl tops that are currently in production. I hooked up with a woman owned LA based company, whose fun and easy to wear designs have been a personal favorite of mine for the last year.  We will be carrying both her line as well as custom eqgirl shirts she will produce for us.  They are going to be epic!

    We have also just unpacked a plethora of eye candy for our Thermal compadres. From beautiful new Equiline coats Jesse and I designed last year, to fun new colors in the very popular Iago Madonna breeches, as well as a gorgeous collection of belts we created with G. Duftler Equestrian.  If you are concerned about a little rain at the show, not to worry, we also have a full rack of all new Spring Asmar raingear.  

    As many of you know I have pretty expensive taste, and have structured our high end boutique to offer customers exclusive clothing that is often one of kind, or rarely seen en masse at the horse shows. However, many of you also know that I tend to buy way too much, and subsequently will never miss an opportunity to have a great sale post season for our more budget minded customers. In fact our giant sale tent from Thermal 2018 is making a comeback for 2019.  Even better, 90% of the inventory on sale will be from overstock from 2018, so it will still be super fresh and fancy!  Just like Jesse.


    We have about 38-40 weeks of horse shows on the Calendar this year: Thermal, San Juan Capistrano, Woodside, Del Mar, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Temecula.  If you live in California chances are we will be at a show near you at some point.  We may try to squeeze in a Paso Robles or Santa Barbara show too.  It all depends on how motivated I am feeling after the next 8 weeks… 

    I also now have that adorable mini LA Saddlery trailer that I have been wanting to use for special events and trunk shows at local barns.  If your barn is interested shoot me an email and we can put something on the calendar for this year.  I come stocked with fabulous fashion and probably free booze!

    Looking forward to another great year of horse shows and high fashion! See you all at the show!

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