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This has been one of the most emotionally challenging years of my life. I have been fortunate to have only suffered two major losses thus far. My grandmother, who was my main caretaker as a child, passed when I was 9 years old. And then a couple summers ago I lost my Golden Retriever Betty who I still cry over to this day.  Apart from that, my life has consisted of the same kind of melodrama most white women my age go through. For this part of my life it has been mostly filled with petty worries of becoming middle aged and the same day to day annoyances and frustrations that come with owning a retail business. 

So to have almost lost the love of my life this past Spring to heart failure sent me into an emotional tail spin for the rest of 2022.  That kind of life changing moment really does put the spotlight on perspective, where nothing and everything seems immensely important.  

And because my work life and personal life are intertwined with the horse world, I have not been able to attend the normal amount of horse shows I have done in the past. Spending time at home taking care of my love, and working on building creative content online to support my business off the road has been occupying most of my days.

Which despite the health scares that continued to pop up through out the year, working from home has been totally awesome.  I have been doing my best to stay in communication with my tried and true customers, as well as reach out to new ones online. Through it all Equestrian Fashion has remained a constant in my everyday life, and has kept my mind focused on fashion instead of doctors and medications. And the fashion this year has been truly exceptional, so I am thrilled to share these amazing collections with you while attending the Desert International Horse Show, my last show of the year. 

Here are just a few of my favorite things from this years Fall Fashion Line Up:

As many of you know I work very closely with Iago Italia to build collections based on what the American Market likes, combined with the current European fashion trends.  These are the two best selling items of the season, and must haves on your Holiday Wish lists!

Sandra Fancy Breech and Elenoire Print Show Shirt

The Sandra higher waisted breech has been a best seller for the last few seasons, so the sparkly pocket details are literally just the icing on this cake!  Another top seller, the Elenoire Tuxedo Shirt got a makeover of its own, with three different patterned fabrics to choose from. 

Iago Italia Riding Clothing
So Goode Rider NEVER disappoints when it comes to fall fashion, making it hard to pick 1 or even 2 or 3 favorites. But here are a few gems that should not be passed up this season!

Cargo Knee Patch Breech and Down Cardigan Jacket

I love love love these cargo breeches, which kind of feel like stretchy jeans, and kind of feel like tights, but really just feel like breeches! And this cardigan/jacket sweater baby is magic. 

Goode Rider Cargo Breeches


Ride Sweater in Ivory

Ok so anything ivory probably should stay clear of the barn, as ponies should stay clear of your kitchen. But some rules are made to be broken especially when it comes to fashion and horses! 

Goode Rider Ride Sweater
Vestrum is the newest baby to my shop, and like any new baby I am giving it extra special attention as should you!  Because this brand oozes with fashion, from their sleek breeches to their stunning show shirts, every piece this season is a knock out.  But if I had to just pick a few must haves, here you go...
Ok so in fashion sometimes it's go big or go home, and these new breeches from Vestrum definitely fall in that category. They are for all my jumper riders who loathe buying boring beige breeches.  They are as high waisted as they are high fashion, with their sleek oversized logo emblazoned on your upper thigh, you will not go unnoticed in this ensemble. The Aldeno Show Shirt, available in three colors, is just plain fabulous. The illusion striped front is a much needed change from the usual stark white bib under your show coat. 
If you don't have a Vestrum Sweater yet, then its definitely time to grab one for your fall wardrobe. This one is a lighter weight wool blend that is a stunner with breeches or jeans.  
Vestrum Equestrian Sweater
But if we are talking real equestrian fashion, then these Vestrum shirts...well they speak for themselves. 
Vestrum Riding Shirt
Vestrum Riding Shirt
All of you wimps who complain that you are always too hot to wear a hunt coat for the 90 second round you need it for, with your hideous scrim sheet hunt coats...go ahead an avert your eyes from the next photos. Because when it comes to beautiful show coats, Equiline in my opinion, is still leading the industry on this front.  These two new ones are not only drop dead gorgeous, they are completely different than any I have seen before. Which is saying a lot, because I shop a lot! 
Equiline Show Coat
Equiline Show Coat
And for those of you who are always cold, then definitely check out this uber cozy number from the Equiline Glamour Collection!
Equiline Riding Apparel
Back to lightweight show coats. Winston Equestrian is still one of the lightest and prettiest hunter/equitations coats out there. I always like to change it up and do some of our own custom collections from the many colors and details to choose from. Here are a couple of fall favorite contrast coats to drool over! 
Winston Equestrian
Winston Equestrian
Ok well that will do for now. I will try harder to blog more consistently now that my life is somewhat back to normal!  Happy Shopping!
Renee xoxo

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