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So the question is...do you trust me??? After 16+ years, my customers know that I would not steer them wrong, as it is a pet peeve of mine when people don't look good at the barn! Especially if they have shopped with LA Saddlery.

I also love coming up with crazy deals as my way of getting rid of inventory.  As the fall shipments are just about to flood in, it's the perfect time to clean house once again.  

So here's the deal. In this Mystery bag you will get 3 different colored knee grip breeches and one leather belt.   Retail value of the  bag is over $900! Basically these are nice breeches.  And a nice belt.  The breeches are mid-rise, super stretchy, with grippy knees. 

Things to note: These bags are only available in sizes 44, 46, and 48. So yay! for all the ladies with curves! Or if you are like me and have a Quarantine 15 and need to size up!  

Colors available, but not in all sizes: White, Tan, Navy, Black, Dark Grey, Burgundy, Dark Green.

I will ONLY choose colors unless you add a note to your order that you WANT WHITE or TAN. Though TAN is limited, so there is chance you will not get TAN, and you have to be ok with that lol. 

These are all final sale. However if the sizing you pick is way off, we can arrange an exchange of size if stock permits. Or we will just find you something else! I won't leave you hanging I promise.

Here is a size guide for you. 


Size 44: US 30 (however if you are mostly wearing Romfh or Tailored 30's then you might want to size up to a 48 just in case!)

Size 46: US 32 (same note as above)

Size 48: US 34 (same, same, same..)

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