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If you aren't already a fan, then we are excited to present the opportunity to get you hooked on Iago Breeches!  Find out why Iago Italia has become our Best Selling Brand. You will get 2 different white Breeches. Regular retail price totals $700+!  We have included some photos of potential breeches we will pick. Please note I don't have every style in every size, but all styles are beautiful in their own way!

FULL DISCLOSURE: These are white breeches, and while most are in pristine condition, still in bag, some of them have the occasional dirt smudge or two from being on display or just living at the horse show!  I will do my best to pick the best ones first. But I promise there is nothing a washing machine can't fix! 

Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, so I have given you some sizing tips and detailed information below.

The white breeches featured in this promo are made with Iago's signature fabric which is a poly/elastin blend. No cotton, so no shrinking or pilling over time. This fabric is very durable and holds you in nicely. It has a similar feel to the Equiline breech fabric. It is white though, so it does have a bit of the see through factor on the front pockets and of course if you wear colored undies. All breeches have the grippy knee patches and sock bottoms. 

These white breeches are a modified mid rise in front and they are cut higher in the back, so it makes gapping less, and they don't ride down your cheeks.  If you like breeches to be straight across mid rise, like the Equiline Ash, a few of the styles may still be too low for your liking. At least one of the styles included will be a true mid rise, that style is called the Katia, and has been a huge success with our riders. We offer that in beige and black as well in our regular catalog. We just have an abundance of white right now from a store who liquidated their inventory to us! 

The breeches only come in one length, so if you are like me and are a smurf, you will have to roll up the sock bottoms or get them hemmed if you aren't lazy like I am!  But I don't have a problem with them under my boots. If you are tall, great they will be long enough! 


36: Fits most petite kids 10 and up. If you are a petite lady and can fit into kids breeches, or a ladies 22 this is the one for you too. 

38: Size 24. This is my size. I am the petite but curvy body type. I also wear a 24 in the TS or Romfh, though both of those still gap in my waist, These do not! 

40: Size 26 (if you are wearing a Tailored or Romfh 26 you may consider going up to a size 42 

42: size 28 (if you are wearing a Tailored or Romfh 28 you may consider going up to a size 44, especially in white, its alway better to err on the cautious side!  

44: Size 28-30 (if you don't have a tapered waist and you are size 30 in a TS or Ariat etc, you may want to go to a 46

46: 32...ish. 


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