*New 2'fer White Knee Grip Breech Grab Bag 🔥

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FINAL SALE ITEM! These are all FINAL sale. Absolutely NO returns or exchanges. NO EXCEPTIONS THIS TIME.  


So here's the deal. In this breech bag you will get 2 WHITE knee grip breeches.  Retail value of the  bag is abut $600. The breeches are  mid-rise, or modified mid-rise (higher in the back, but not very low in front) super stretchy, with grippy knees. 

The fabric's light weight highly specialized weave offers quick drying & cooling features, as well as a sun blocking fabric filter. The outer shell is stain resistant and repels barn debris like shavings and dirt to keep you looking your best.

  • Wrinkle free
  • Machine washable
  • Dirt resistant
  • Silicone Rubberized Grips
  • Front Zip

There are 2 different styles, one thicker fabric with back zippers, one thinner fabric, no back zippers. The thinner fabric style can run on the bigger size, so you may want to size down if you are on the smaller end of that size.  

Here is a size guide for you. These breeches are very fitted, but they are also very stretchy. So if you prefer not to feel like a total sausage, then always a good idea to size up just in case!  So if you are normally a size 28 in a Pikeur or Tailored Sportsman,  it's safer to go up to a 44.  And so on...Remember the thinner fabric runs bigger, so keep that in mind!

Size 36: Kids 12-14 or Ladies 22

Size 38: US 24 

Size 40: US 26 

Size 42: US 28

Size 44: US 30 

Size 46: US 32 

Size 48: US 34 


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