Lorenzini Titanium Stirrups

Lorenzini Titanium Stirrups 6.5 cm ST065

The refined ergonomic design of Lorenzini stirrups is studied to limit possible traumas in case of a fall and allow easy foot release. Moreover, the particular shape guarantees great resistance to torsion stress, and therefore allows prompt balance recovery. Titanium treads.

Lorenzini is the first company in the world using titanium in horse equipment. By nature, titanium is covered with a layer of dioxide, a powerful bacteria killer, (staphylococcus, streptococcus, bacillus anthracic, legionella, etc.) and is also effective against polluting agents in the atmosphere (nitrogen dioxide, benzene, sulphur oxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and some fine particles). Choosing Lorenzini titanium products means choosing to protect the health of your horse, by helping him to behave better, and therefore increase performance during workouts.

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