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Roeckl Chester Gloves

Backhand: Roeck-Grip®
Palmhand: Roeck-Grip®

Roeck-Grip® is Roeckl’s exclusive performance textile, which is supple, flexible, and breathable for maximum tactility and grip on the reins. The Roeck-Grip® Glove fits like a second skin, giving the rider a close contact feel.

  • Breathable, elasticated, and supple
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Superior close contact grip
  • Unisex sizing
  • Easy care: Machine wash at 86°F

With over 175 years of experience in glove making, Roeckl has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that their riding gloves fit like a second skin and provide the effective grip and tactility needed for handling the reins. Combining an exact fit, comfort, innovative design, and technical materials, Roeckl Gloves balance grip and feeling for gentle cues and precise communication between horse and rider.

To determine your glove size: Open your hand and place the tape measure around the base of your knuckles (not including your thumb). Now make a loose fist and measure the circumference. Riding gloves are designed to fit like a second skin for high tactile sensitivity, so aim for a close fit.

Glove Size Circumference of Hand
6 16.5cm
6.5 17.6cm
7 18.9cm
7.5 20.3cm
8 21.6cm
8.5 23.0cm
9 24.3cm
9.5 25.7cm
10 27.0cm
10.5 28.4cm
11 29.7cm

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