*New LA Saddlery Grab Bag

Size Guide

Since our Iago Grab has been such a big hit I decided to create a second grab bag option. I am excited to present the opportunity to get you hooked up with a variety of items from our best selling LA Saddlery brands!

How it works:

I will pick 3 items for your bag based on information you provide me in the notes of your order.  Please note that all sales are final, so the more information you can give me regarding your style/sizing the better  You can provide me with brand preference, and any other wish list items, like "sweater, show shirt, jewelry, poncho etc." I can't promise I can accommodate all requests as some of the items I am limited on sizes, but I will do my best!  The earlier you buy a grab bag, the better chances you will get at least some of items on your wish list!  Also note I will not be including breeches because I have something else planned for those later.

Here are some sizing guides for the brands I will be picking from. 

Iago: XS: Fits most petite kids again 10 and up. If you are a petite lady and can fit into kids clothes, this also will work. But most petite women will be better off in a small. Brand runs fitted so If you are broader in the shoulder or have generous ladies in the front, definitely size up at least one! The arms run long so if you are tall but slim you don't necessarily need to size up. If you are tall and long waisted, then perhaps size up for body length. If you are wearing an XL in brands like Ariat or Romfh, the XL Iago will be very fitted across your curves. With that in mind, we do sell the XL sizes fairly often in this brand, especially to women who have an hourglass shape, or very athletic builds. 

Asmar: Starts at XXS, which is the equivalent to most other brands XS. Though in the cashmere sweaters the XXS can run tight in the arms. But Asmar in general runs a size big, so most people can size down. For outerwear, if you intend to wear layers then best to stay true to your size and not size down.  

Samshield and Equiline:  Both of these brands generally run fitted, but most people stay true to size or size up just one if they don't want the fabric to hug their curves.  

Goode Rider: Starts at XS and I find that this brand is the closest to standard US sizes, so stay true to your size.  Though if you are very petite the XS can be roomy in some items.

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Size Guide