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If you aren't already a fan, then we are excited to present the opportunity to get you hooked on Iago Breeches!  Find out why Iago Italia has become our Best Selling Brand! You will get 2 Full Seat Amanda Breeches.   Potential color options; White, Grey, Navy. Please note I don't have every color in every size, and size 40 will definitely get one white!

Please note that all sales are final, so I have given you some sizing tips and detailed information below.

These breeches were a big hit with dressage riders at the Omaha World Cup where we first introduced the brand, as well as at WEG in Tryon. They are made with the Iago Signature fabric which is very similar to Equiline fabric. Super stretchy but very hugging to the body. They are a full grip, and let me tell you, these suckers are grippy! I do all my flat work in mine.

They are a modified low rise in front (not low like old school low, but lower then most current full seat brands) But they are cut higher in the back, so it makes gapping less, and they don't ride down your cheeks!  They only come in one length, but like the Equiline they are very long. I am a smurf at 5'2, so I roll the soft sock bottoms up, no problem under my boots. 

If you are very long waisted these are probably NOT the breech for you. They will be too low.  They are perfect for petite, petite and curvy, curvy, athletic builds, basically lots of body types that don't involve very long waists!

Sizing: Italian sizing, very similar again to Equiline. So if you are a size 28 and up and have a tapered waist these breeches will mold over your curves. If your waist does not taper as much I suggest you size up for comfort. 

40: Size 24

46: Size 30

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