*New Equiline Gulu Breech

Equiline Gulu Knee Grip Breech
- ”Y” knee grip
- 2 front pockets
- Copper microstuds on front pockets
- Breathable fabric
- Elasticised textile offering superior comfort and great freedom of movement
- Stretch fastening system on bottom legs
- Schoeller
- XGrip, the silicon-treated fabric ensures great stability, absolute freedom of movement and excellent comfort.
It is a product with high technical characteristics. To keep it unchanged over time it is essential to follow carefully the maintenance instructions.
Equiline breeches with X-GRIP system have been studied with a new technology to increase stability and grip on the saddle. A direct application on the technical fabric of our breeches makes it even more innovative and technological. Some attentions in taking care of the breeches are extremely important to maintain unchanged the technical characteristics of this product.
- The breeches must be washed at max temperature of 30°C; they
support all kinds of water washes. Wash them on reverse side.
- Do not dry clean.
- No Bleaching. It is important to avoid aggressive solvents
or stain removers. Chemical components contained into
these products (i.e. surfactants and enzymes) damage both
the base fabric and the X-GRIP system.
- Do not tumble dry.
- The temperature for ironing must not exceed 50° C.
Do not iron directly X-GRIP system, high heat alters the polymers of the grip system compromising the endurance of it.
- The grease used for the saddle must not contain chemical

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